So very sad…

Lifted from our Facebook page:

“It is with great sadness and reluctance that we have to announce the end of Boscombe Vintage Market today.

Unfortunately this means that there will be no market this Saturday.

This was a very hard decision to make, but over the last few months we haven’t seen as many customers as we used to, and as a result we were beginning to lose many of our loyal traders too. We tried to find a different approach and also go back to a monthly market but it just wasn’t working.
Thank you to everyone who has bought from us, came and had a browse, stuck with us over the years, and for your continual support on Facebook too, we tried to keep it going for you!

As we are shutting down BVM, we are also looking to do something new too so we will keep you posted with any updates for the future.

Many thanks,

Boscombe Vintage Market”

Can’t put it any better myself. We’ve had the loveliest customers, and made some wonderful friends, and enjoyed ourselves hugely. But all good things come to an end eventually, and we just couldn’t keep going in the Royal Arcade any longer. Keep an eye out for us “popping up” here and there, and in some way, shape or form – we’ll be back.


Here we go again!

Clear your diaries for this weekend… Saturday 6th March, 10am-4pm, in the Royal Arcade, Boscombe; come & see your favourite traders and their vintage, handmade and upcycled wares, and welcome some new faces too!

*** STOP PRESS ***

VintageMaid Angie will have a sale of vintage knitting patterns: instead of the usual 50p each, they’ll be 30p each or 4 for £1! For those who don’t knit, these make brilliant card fronts; some will have you in stitches of a different sort…


And here’s a “helping hand” from VintageMaid Angie to speed you on your way to us!


A few tempting pics from some of the traders coming on Saturday…

PippinRunWild’s having a sale:-


From Eliza (Interiors & Design):-


Elephants in tutus! Contain organic lavender.


Mini lavender hearts to keep your clothes fresh…


Delightful cushions…

From VintageMaid Angie:-


Cute box! What’s inside?


Ah yes…


A fully-working Jones Popular hand-cranked “portable” sewing machine!


And piles of lovely nostalgic lace & trimmings!

Future dates and Venues

Our next market is

2nd May 2015 The Royal Arcade Boscombe

A small selection of our stall holders will be at the

Vintage Nostalgia Show 29th, 30th & 31st May 2015

and the Larmer Tree Festival 15th-19th July 2015

3rd October 2015 The Royal Arcade Boscombe

5th December 2015 The Royal Arcade Boscombe

Please come and show your support and help us spread the word. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page.
We look forward to seeing you lovely ladies and gents soon.

This coming Saturday, 7th Feb, 10am – 4pm…

Watch this space for a sneak preview of some of the items our lovely traders are bringing along!

From the ever-stunning Cheng’s Emporium, an eclectic selection of re-worked, revamped, re-covered cushions, stools and a sewing box:

chengfeb1 chengfeb2 chengfeb3 chengfeb4 chengfeb5


And from Molly & Harlequin:


Original 1960s Playboy cards


Terrible photo, but you get the drift:


From VintageMaid Angie, a big wooden needlework box on legs, with a working folding travel alarm and a folding 1950s wooden letter rack



Pythouse Kitchen Garden, August 23rd!


Boscombe Vintage Market will be at the glorious Pythouse Kitchen Garden from 10am – 4pm on Saturday 23rd August. Come along to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, have a snack at the famous cafe & browse amongst your favourite traders’ stalls. They’ll be piled high with interesting & delightful finds after a summer of happy hunting & industrious making…

Hope to see you there!

To whet your appetite…

Some pictures of what to look out for tomorrow, Saturday 5th April… but there’ll be lots, lots more!

These little darlings are from Made By Swimmer:


and ear-rings to die for from Carlitta Monchitta:



From Molly & Harlequin, some original Vargas girl playing cards from the 1950s:


And from Eliza (Interiors & Design), a delightful Children’s Patchwork Cushion – fabrics c. 1940 – 1960’s…


From the ever-glamorous Cheng’s Emporium:

cheng1 cheng2

Geek Boutique’s contribution: Elementary, my dear viewers; it’s our new range of SHERLOCK MERCH! DR WATSON’S PATENTED MOUSTACHE WAX! And for the ladies Dr Watson’s moustache wax lip balm! Plus super cool Sherlock, Hannibal and Harry Potter badges…


Amongst other intriguing “finds” VintageMaid has these 1950s Dema “Chesterfield” decorated glasses, still in their original box:


These adorable creatures are from Meninafeliz:


And Lulabop Jewelry are wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!

LBeaster joy bunny