The Dreaming Queen


Tucked away in her attic surrounded by jars of many-hued buttons, The Dreaming Queen (who also goes by the name of Julia) snips and sticks creating colourful, quirky, vintage-style collages to adorn your walls. Each collage is painstakingly created to capture a perfect moment of nostalgia – from an innocent 1950s summer afternoon to the bygone glamour of an Edwardian romance to the formal glamour of the Elizabethan court.


Julia seeks materials anywhere and everywhere she can – rescuing pages from disintegrating Victorian picture annuals or ferreting out a pack of gorgeous vintage Spanish tarot cards. In addition to a helpless inclination towards all things vintage and nostalgic, Julia adds a love of classic literature and the natural world to her creative cauldron to produce unique, beautiful mixed-media artworks that combine text, hand-painted images original drawings and carefully chosen ephemera – all finished off with a touch of sparkle. For a taste of Julia’s work visit: or pop along to see her at Boscombe Vintage Market to see much more, including cards and lovely little decorated boxes.


Come and see and maybe you’ll find something to remind you of a half-forgotten dream, a childhood wish, a secret hope or a lost love. Certainly there is always a little vintage magic to be found.


Commissions are undertaken to create a unique collage around a special photograph or perhaps a quotation of personal significance. These make perfect gifts for special occasions.



2 thoughts on “The Dreaming Queen

  1. Hi
    I visited the last boscome arcade event but could not see you there despite walking around
    several times. I hope i didn t miss you as wanted to get a few bits. can you confirm when you
    will be there again and also if you at the vintage event at the pavilion over the weekend of
    7th/8th may. i bought one of your lovely badges….21 and sent to a friends daughter who loved
    it so had a couple of other things to buy. also you said you might consider doing some plain
    badges ie no numbers ….looking forward to seeing you again in the coming weeks.

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