Angie Corbet is indeed a Vintage Maid, having been born in rural western Devon (where everyone female, of whatever age or marital status, is a maid) quite some time ago. She is also much given to making things with vintage fabric, lace, yarn, buttons & stuff on a vintage Jones Medium treadled sewing machine. Or spinning a yarn, in more ways than one. Often to be found with her elder daughter, aka PippinRunWild, and also a trader at Molly’s Den, her stall is nearly always piled high with fabric, yarn, patterns, needles, lace, vintage homewares and random oddities. You will usually find at least one hand cranked sewing machine, all up to scratch and in good working order, too. Once in a while her other stall “Granny S’s Wardrobe” will also disgorge a few vintage clothes at Boscombe.

Angie blogs at A Recycled Lifestyle and sometimes actually gets paid for writing.

Jones Medium Treadle

Jones Medium Treadle

See VintageMaid on Facebook for regular updates.


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