Made By Swimmer


We are two sisters who work in collaboration both designing and making up our patterns. We are passionate about the use of recycled fabrics and get great satisfaction from making something beautiful and lovable from discarded fabrics and giving them a new lease of life. We are inspired by our childhood memories; our work has a certain nostalgic quality whilst, we hope, retaining a contemporary feel. Our creations have been described as whimsical which we think is a good description. We share a good sense of humour which we think that this is reflected in our work; we love seeing people smiling and laughing when they see our creatures and cushions. Animals feature strongly in our designs – mostly British wildlife and domestic pets, though we sometimes venture into more exotic territory!


We are self-taught and have no formal training other than one A level in Art between us – though we have both been keen sewers and makers since childhood making doll’s clothes and soft toys. We’ve still got some of our childhood creations so hopefully that shows our work is made to last!







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